FEI Quanta 200 FEG field emission scanning electron microscope

High-vacuum, low-vacuum and environmental modes. Equipped with modified backscattered electron detectors for advanced SEM photography and special detectors for the low-vacuum microscopy.

Amray 1610 Turbo scanning electron microscope,

digitized, with LaB6 cathode. Detectors: Secondary electron detector, Robinson detector and Silicon detector to scan electrons of different energetic levels.

Transmission electron microscopy

on request, in cooperation with various laboratories.


Light Microscopy:

Nikon Eclipse 800 laboratory microscope with plan apochromatic lenses, polarization, brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast and self-made extensions. It can be combined with different camera systems for photography and video.

Zeiss photo microscope

with plan - and plan apochromatic optics up to 1,000x magnification; rare interference contrast "Jamin Lebedeff".


Preparation laboratory

for scanning electron microscopy with critical point drying and Sputter-Coating (Au and Au-Pd plasma coating). Various equipment for cutting, grinding or etching of technical samples. Stereo microscopes for sample preparation. (for the required colour imaging of the SEM images several powerful computers are in use.)


Underwater photography

with Nikon D700 cameras in special housing, with plan, macro - or dome ports, lenses from 16 mm fisheye up to the 105 mm macro lens. High energy under water flashlights. Special underwater LED lights and filters are used for UW-fluorescence photography.