perfection in scientific photography - scanning electron microscope

eye of science - photo studio for scientific photography

For 2 decades we have been devoting our work to the visualization of the previously unknown and invisible. Detailed, aesthetic, and scientifically correct we present an access into the microscopic world of biology, medicine, chemistry, technology, and our environment. Photo design for science. Micro-photography for advertising. Microscopy for education.

Scientific photography has many fields. We have dedicated our focus, energy, and time on micro photography. Here, we set new standards in the creation of images from a scanning electron microscope which the scientific observer as well as the seeker for aesthetic pictures will keep in mind.
Of course, the electron microscope images fulfill the high technical demands for education, advertising, and television.

Our many years of experience in the preparation of microscopic samples, the use of light and electron microscopes provides the basis for a modern and creative way of scientific photo design. Here, we face new challenges every day.

The range of our knowledge extends to other fields of science photography such as thermography (infrared photography/film), underwater photography, fluorescence, or X-ray.

The customer spectrum ranges from sole proprietorship (small business) to multinational corporations and covers a wide range of industrial divisions.

Be inspired and join us on a journey through the microcosm: